6 thoughts on “Sissy Maker 5 Emperor Hypnosis”

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  2. Maybe I’m different than other people but I find the heavy voice effects, echoes, voice doubling, etc, distracting from the message. Yes it sounds like what most people think might be hypnotic buy I actually want to hear the voice clearly. Also, why do videos either have the annoying saturated audio effects added, or they have obnoxious dance music playing. What would be far more interesting is a voice talking and the sounds of a sissy whimpering when getting fucked or trying to please the cock in their mouth or the sounds of orgasm. That would be so much more appealing and mesmerizing.

  3. Love the music, an all the cocks and cum dripping around. I love to fuck my ass with a dildo and pull it out and suck on it and put it back in. Great video!


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